How letting go helps reduce stress and anxiety

mental health personal development Apr 26, 2022
Mary Massey: How letting go reduces stress and anxiety

The struggle is real!

Have you ever felt things slipping from your fingers or watching your life fall into chaos?  Chances are this started on a smaller scale until one day the stress, overwhelm and anxiety stop by for a visit and refuse to live.

Although we can often improve our circumstances I know that doing so can be extremely hard and challenging.  And sometimes the circumstances that cause us the most angst can’t really be helped.  So what do we do?

If you’re able to change something to improve your mental health and quality of life, do it!  No matter how small the changes are in the beginning they can really lead you to a completely lifestyle change.  But what do you do when things seem so out of control?

You let go and let God!

If you believe in a higher power let me remind you that we are not meant to carry it all.  Sometimes we must accept that certain things cannot be helped and as we do so we release the weight and hand it off to God, the Universe or whomever or whatever you believe in.

As far as I’m concerned I know that I can’t handle it all on my own.  I give my stress and burden to God every day but I won’t lie to you.  There are days when the thoughts or insecurity or financial stress because I didn’t meet my client quota creep in.  Although I’m grateful that my husband carries the household I still have my own personal bills.

Financial stress can be consuming.  So when these types of thoughts or any other uncertain feeling creep up I let go and I give thanks for what’s already being done for me.

Stress and anxiety can really hurt you.  Your immune system suffers and many people hold stress in their physical bodies so next time you have that nagging muscular pain, tightness in your shoulders or are unable to sleep ask yourself if you’re worried about something.  If so, what can you do about it? 

Other ways to let go and practice mindfulness by focusing on the moment:

  1. Exercise to boost your mood
  2. Don’t look at social media
  3. Write down everything that might be bothering you before bed
  4. Avoid all distractions and brainstorm on how you could improve your circumstance
  5. Google your specific problem and learn from others who have overcome similar issues

The first step here is to acknowledge how you feel.  Then you ask yourself why you feel this way and finally come up with a plan of action.

I heard this amazing quote at church on Sunday:  

When so much in your life seems to be falling apart just remember that God is making things fall INTO PLACE.

I found so much comfort in that quote that I couldn’t wait to share it with you and no matter what you may be going through as you read this, I pray that it gives you hope.

Just look up and let go.  This is always a great plan of action.



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